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  • Things you may or may not know about me

    Hi, bloggers fam.. It has been more than 5 years since I am on WordPress. Now I think I should share a few things about me with you guys. Probably you guys know my name, I am Jay, a 35 years old man from Kolkata, India. I work as a petroleum geologist, I am also […]

  • Why did I quit smoking…

    Smoking is injurious to health, we all know this fact but still it is the most difficult task for a chainsmoker like me to do; but finally I did it and I am feeling very happy and accomplished. I stated smoking when I was in first year of my college years, I can’t recall the […]


  • Today’s Quote

    Life is consist of first meetings and final partings. Change is the rubric of life. In this journey of life we meet hundreds of fellow passengers, some for a very long time and others for a few moments. A few turned into good friends and others vanishes in the ocean of time. Nobody and nothing […]

  • Today’s Quote

    I have hundred reasons to be sad but I am happy because you are with me. In our lives we all have someone who makes us happy, gives us the hope to wake up next morning and keep going. It may be your wife, husband, children or parents but we have that one person who […]

  • If it’s destiny

    If it’s destiny It will show up eventually. You don’t have to force or deceive It will ache. Love shall like Sit close and smile. If you shut all your doors It will sit on the porch. If you push It’s not going to leave. If it’s destiny.

  • Jhalmuri – Street food special to my city

    Jhalmuri or spicy puffed rice is the easily available and everywhere available food. It is very simple yet very tasty. To make it all you need is puffed rice, a little bit of onion, and cucumber, a few drops of mustard oil, a little pieces of boiled potato, and salt , and spices, that’s it. […]

  • I wish I had a billion..

    Hello family. To me family is very important, I have my parents, and younger sister at home. Earlier I was working in an organisation in my city but now I am working as an oilfield geologist in Assam which takes 3 days of train journey . My duty schedule is 12 hours a day, sometimes […]

  • We could have a solution

    We took a vow, Only death could set us apart. We are still alive, The vow has died. The cover of my pillow, Knows tales of sorrow. I tried every today, In the hope of a better tomorrow. The paints on the walls, Are decaying as Uranium. The Goldfish you brought, Is lonely in the […]

  • Dear August !

    Dear August. I kept your memories in a box, Sealed it and buried, In the deepest pore of my mind. Thought I’d never recall. I realised, you are not in my mind, But my breathe. You’re part of my soul. To forget you I shall forget me. Dear August. Someday, in heaven, All of us […]

  • Airport lounge

    I saw her in the airport lounge. Load of beauty. She sat straight, Rested her beautiful haunches closer to glass window. Straight hair, red lips, mascara in her eyes. She smiled at me. The blue bird inside me wanted to get out. The ring in my finger felt tight. I held him back. My heart […]